Daygra Alternate Power Solutions

Daygra Alternate Power Solutions



Daygra Alternate Power Solutions are energy specialists with extensive experience in the supply and installation of all types of renewable energy, standby energy, energy consulting and electrical engineering.



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Our Product offerings include: •Solar Water Heating •Low Cost Housing Solar Water Heating •Generators 2,2 kVA to 1,5 MVA •UPS battery back up systems from 600VA to 20 kVA •Wind turbines from 600W to 1000kVA •Photo Voltaic Solar Panels and Solar pumps



Our on-board Electrical Engineer offers the following services: •Auditing and Sizing energy loads •To advise the client re any technical queries they may have regarding the various alternate power options •Energy Saving options will be discussed and recommendations given •Energy/Electrical Load Monitoring and Analysis


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